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I don’t know if it was the fact that my home groups average age is about 10 years more than what was at the table or the fact that they were brand new to RPGs but they did something I wasn’t expecting. They were both super excited and just kept coming up with different things they wanted to do. It seemed like at all times at least two people had their hands up wanting to do something. These kids were trying all sorts of things. The cleric didn’t have a ranged weapon so he picked up a bow from a fallen foe and climbed a tree to begin returning fire. The wizard was putting himself in harms way to save the thief who had been shot by arrows. The ranger and druid did this amazing attack that involved a ram and a worg. The energy was amazing.
In First Timers Delos Adamski of The Ramblings of Jacob and Delos shares his experience running a game of Dungeon World for a group of junior high and high school kids who had never played tabletop RPGs before. (via unpossiblelabs)

Shadowrun: Crossfire cards…


Realized I’d not shared any of these here…well, time to start flowing these into the mix going forward.

With any card game like this based on a long-established gaming universe, the first release is going to be a mix of re-used art as well as brand new art; I’ll be sharing both going forward. But, since I’m doing this, no reason I can’t pick how it occurs…and this is one of my favorite new illustrations.

Finally, originally I’d thought of just showing the art, but I think the card stats are just as cool and fun to share and so I’ll be sharing the entire card each time I throw up one of these previews…


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